CAF (Chemical Absorbing Foam) foam RG22 is produced from an Aminoplastic resin. The major advantage of this white coloured foam is its capacity to rapidly absorb hydrocarbons. The tank residuals sweating from the tank walls will be absorbed and fixed by the foam following injection, eliminating all risks to the environment. Once hardened, the foam takes a stable and durable state.
Traditionally underground storage tanks were neutralised with concrete. Water filling was used when the tank is temporarily put out of service. These materials are not only expensive and complicated to apply but also they are not environmentally sound.


Water mixes with the remaining hydrocarbons and sludge, forming a hazardous substance which requires treatment when removed. Long term presence of water in a tank will accelerate corrosion and create environmental danger.


It is almost impossible to entirely fill a tank with concrete. Empty pockets will often remain "live". When the tanks rust away - you then have an environmental problem to deal with. The weight of a concrete tank represents a serious problem. A 10, 000 litre tank with concrete weighs about 27 tons! There is a real danger that the tank will sink into the ground causing forecourt collapse.

Excavating a tank neutralised with concrete is a very costly operation. Four or five solid concrete blocks in the ground will seriously jeopardise the property's value.


1. RG22 Bacel Hardfoam is non-toxic and environmentally sound.
2. During the injection, the foam absorbs all hydrocarbon residues present in the tank.
3. No need to de-gas the tank...just bottom out.
4. No need to remove the tank lid...just allow access to the internal fill-pipe.
5. The foam injection process is quick...most sites are completed in one day.
6. After hardening, the foam remains durable with a lifetime of over 150 years.
7. The foam weighs only 25 Kg per 1000 litres.
8. Excavating a foam-filled tank is not a problem.
9. The use of an inhibitor in the foam protects the tank internal walls from corrosion.